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Powerful Long Island storms need powerful solutions!
Chris Mohr Marine is proud to be a licensed coastal contractor and we stand behind our work!


Waterfront Property Bulkheads & Erosion Control

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We will perform the removal of dirt and debris, site preparation and professional installation of bulkheads,

and stairs for all our products and materials.

We are locally recognized as an established landscaper, masonry, and marine construction specialist.

      We stand behind our work!!! 

New Bulkhead & Repairs



Rock Revetment Walls

Erosion Control

Bluff Plantings


Permits & Consulting




We offer services for the expediting permits.

We will also work with structural engineers to ensure that all specifications are met.


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Protect your home or business waterfront property from storms and water erosion with a new bulkhead or plantings.
There are many ways to stop erosion.
Action now can save you thousands of dollars.
Don't wait for water damage.
Protect property now from water damage!

Chris Mohr Marine Construction

631- 765-4617

Let us take care of your project...


Fully trained professional team. We pride ourselves on safety, quality, reliability, and outstanding designs to complete your project.


Chris Mohr Marine Construction will continue to provide support for your project for as long as you require! We are firmly committed to upholding the highest standards of service and safety for all our clients.  

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